How to Change Blogspot Become Domain CO.CC

How to Change Blogspot Become Domain CO.CC

If you have a Blogger account from Google’s blog providers by default of course you will have a sub domain name of the blog spot is this instance can be changed into eg “http://www. “. Besides being used to manufacture their own blogs as in the previous article, Free Domain you can exploit to modify or change the name of the url you are using Domain Blogspot

Here’s a guide to replace the url into Blogspot, while the following steps:

1. List account and get a domain name here.

2. Login Domain settings menu>> Manage Domains and click on Setup

3 . Ignore Menu 1>> Manage DNS / clear the server name you just click the menu 2>> Zone Record

4. Fill add records with fields as follows:

Host: fill in the domain name you have registered for example: “”

TTL: 1 D (do not need to be changed)



5. Then click setup

Then proceed to settings blogspot on your :

1. Login / login to “” or your blogspot

2. Log settings menu>>> Publishing

3. Then select “Switch to: • Custom Domain”

4. Click already “Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings ”

5. Fill in the “Your Domain” with “domain” “that you submitted previously eg” “

6. Use a missing files host? select no

7. Input Word Verivication and click save settings

Wait for the process to Blogspot sincronisasinya of up to 24 hours after that you can access the url “” you with your domain name is.

Please try and be creative congratulations!

Installing CMS WordPress On Server Hosting

Installing CMS WordPress On Server Hosting

Cms WordPress one well-loved because of terms of use and maintenance that could be considered easy, and not complicated for the newbie to learn to use wordpress. is a free blog service provider for anyone who ingwin have a blog by signing up at If you register a wordpress blog account then your domain name is “”. So you have one of the sub domain from wordpress.

Besides, also handing out free WordPress CMS Script that you can download from Kinds of choice is WordPress CMS script language, including English and Indonesia have been tersedia.Dengan so you can install this WordPress CMS on your own domain and Webhosting.

You can have a free Domain and free hosting which then can you install WordPress CMS in it. There can be learned in the previous article, namely:

1. Managed DNS CO.CC

2. Settings / Settings acount 000webhost

Here are the steps to install WordPress on Webhosting CMS:

1. Download the WordPress CMS in :

2. Extract of your WordPress CMS

3. Find and edit the file wp-config-sample.php that is in the WordPress folder by opening with Notepad application or open with notepad. What you need to edit the red marked characters on the File Wp-config-sample.php Like the example below:

<? Php
/ / ** MySQL settings ** / /
define (‘DB_NAME’, ‘your_DB_name’); / / The name of the database
define (‘DB_User’, ‘your_DBUser’); / / Your MySQL username
define (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘your_DB_password’); / / … and password
define (‘db_host’, your_DB_host’); / / 99% chance you will not need to change this value

4. Fill in accordance with MySQL data base data you have. Namely DataBase Name, User Database, Password and database hosts data base. If you do not make it, please enter your 00webhost CPanel and MySql Select and then create your database and input data on the file wp-config-sample.php

5. Then rename the file wp-config-sample.php you mentioned with name wp-config.php

6. Archive all files and folders inside the wordpress folder into a ZIP file using the application / software winrar or winzip. Remember archive all the files in the wordpres so do not include the wordpress folder.

7. Once in a zip, upload your file 000webhost using the application / software Zila Files FTP client or FTP can also use the web are: Zip file was uploaded into the public_html folder on your web hosting.

8. After the upload is finished Extract the files you had with your menu entry cpanel / file manager on your 000web or directly using FTP web is at: For FTP filezila extract command is not available.

9. Once the process is complete you can do the premises intalasi accessing your site that is “”. Enter Blog Name and email name you use.

10.Klik install. WordPress installation is complete you can access your WordPress CMS with the url:

“” by using the user name and password have been available earlier.

Please try !!!!!!! Hopefully CMS Install WordPress Tutorial This is useful for you. You can download FTP Client Software is software to upload files to web hosting on FTP File Zila Sites

Learn How To Making Website and Blog For Beginners

Learn How To Making Website and Blog For Beginners

There have been many web sites that review is actually about the making of site / web sites. However, we will try to examine the creation of a site gives some steps to make a site description in a language easily understood, especially for beginners who still do not quite understand about the making of this site.

The need to possess in making websites site:

1. Having Domains

2. Having web hosting.

3. Html files, htm or front page, php or CMS script.

Definition or explanation of the terms above:

1. Domain

Domain is the name of your site which then becomes the identity of your site that is the name of your site eg or and so forth. To have the domain name you can register on site service provider domain that many sites that provide such services. Many pihan / alternative name that you can have your domain. com. net. org. info. org. us. cn. tk and many more. The price range also varies from 2 thousand to 250 thousand for the registration of domain service for 1 year. Macam-Macam free domain can be studied in an article in this creation esc

2. Web Hosting

WebHosting is a hosting service provider / server where you will put the data data from our site to the next web hosting providers have to – on-line right of your data continuously for 24 hours so visitors can access your site at any time. To have a server that can be said is very expensive because it requires quite a lot of devices and sophisticated.

Due to these factors the alternative is that we hire the services of web hosting services that economically it is cheaper and easier to use. You can get these services at various web hosting service providers. Harganyapun bermasam kinds ranging from 5000 to millions of dollars per him depending on the needs or hosting package you wish to have. Where the difference is among bandwidth, access speed, bandwidth limit emails, sub domains, domain parking fantastico installer, place the server in Indonesia / overseas were also influential on the price because it affects the speed of Internet access and a diverse range of facilities which must influence also on rental price web hosting.

3. Web file html, htm, Front page, PHP or CMS script

Creating a html file, htm or front page, php, and others are our files which will we put in the web hosting and web hosting server will then publish it to the Internet network to be accessed by Internet users worldwide. These files can be created with various software maker web files, including microsoft front page, web publisher, macromedia dream weaver, cms and so forth.

There are 2 kinds of fundamental differences of web creation program / site that is:

1. Making a file of line usually use program microsoft front page, publisher, macromedia dream weaver and others. So we create the file off line that is in the process of making these files without having any internet connection, who then after being uploaded to the web hosting and subsequently in publishkan by the web server hosting.

2. Making an online web files more familiar with the system CMS (Content Management System) This system is now more popular and using that for now many more flkesible karen and easier in maintenance or fast editing process. However, the process computer preformance kit must be connected to the internet. Multiple Script or Software dipake common and popular among wordpress, jomlaa, bamboo, Soso, PHP fusion and much more. One way to manage the CMS is WordPress is here, and can practice using it here

For the next posting we will provide guidance / learning how to create a site using a free domain services and web hosting services for free. yes good to just learning … As long as there are no facilities for us.

You can try it by registering a domain name for free  at no cost a penny. here you click on the banner domain free get full DNS management immediately get a domain name for the practice.

Learn How To Making Website and Blog For Beginners

Register your domain also to the providers of free web hosting click here or click the banner below banner free web hosting.  Guaranteed all for free without any cost quite just register  use your email .

Free webhosting

Or you can also use the Free Webhosting Service from ESC-webhosting, Free Webhosting-creation of esc dot com Free Web Hosting with cpanel get vista, Registration is quite easy with equipped facilities Cpanel, Fantastico Auto installer, Installer Ready For CMS WordPress, Joomla, Forum free domain and more complete facilities of this ESC Hosting. This hosting Include Free Webhosting  Full Facilities Cpanel Fantastico Auto Installer.

How to Protect Flash Disk from Viruses

How to Protect Flash Disk from Viruses

In general, a virus spread by various means and media, one only place the spread and transmission of the virus through the medium of flash disks. Usually tercopy virus during the process of transfer of data from the infected computer, but the more dangerous viruses that are able to plant and virus files menginfecsi files on flash disk and make a auto run file on the flash disk. Hence, in the flash disk dicolokin or connected to another computer virus able to carry out the action because the file auto run. Among other viruses that end – the end of this distribution method makes a scene in that way, like a virus Shortcut (Virus hary Potter), Conficker virus and many other viruses that spread using the auto run.

Here’s one way of prevention for flash disk that is not contagious virus that is the way one of the facilities made portable anti virus anti virus smadav namely Indonesia.

One of the facilities provided by the anti-virus smadav namely Smad-Lock facility. With Smad Lock And this is almost impossible to penetrate and infect viruses Flash Disk and files on the flash disk. Why is that? SmadAV Smad-Lock will create a folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ and Autorun.inf folders strongly protected on the flash disk. Thus the virus will not be able to enter and are not able to make auto run file to replace or mereplace auto run file is created by Smad-Lock SmadAV this.

Here are the steps to activate the Smad SmadAV Lock:

  1. Download Portable anti-virus official web SMADAV in SMADAV
  2. Run anti-virus Extrac SMADAV
  3. Select No if there does not want to run a facility in real-time protection.
  4. Click the tools menu and select Lock Smad.
  5. On his drive list select and mark your flash drive and then click Lock the menu

After this run automatically on the Flash disk will have a folder with the name of Smad-Lock Δ Δ and auto run.inf file (hidden file folder).

Important tips for Flash Disk and computer protected from viruses:

  1. Keep all your files in a folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ. And do not rename or delete folders Smad-Lock Δ Δ and the autorun.inf file (hidden with a picture of a lock) which is in the flash disk.
  2. If you are going to open or execute files on the flash disk you first remove your files from your folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ, because files can not be executed as long as there is in the folder Smad-Lock Δ Δ.
  3. Turn off Auto Run menu on your computer. This way to prevent us from computer viruses that use the method auto run.

Disabling Auto run On Computer:

  1. Log in the menu Run> type gpedit.msc>>> enter>> Click the computer configuration> Administrative templates>>> System>>> Doble click on Turn Off Autoplay>>> Select enable and turn off auto play on : all drives>>> Apply>> OK
  2. Click menu User Configuration> Administrative templates>>> System>>> Doble click on Turn Off Autoplay>>> Select enable and turn off auto play on: all drives>>> Apply>> OK

Easy is not just luck, hopefully these tips useful for you.

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Optimizing the Internet Connection

How Optimizing the Internet Connection

At this time the Just Translate will discuss some tips to Optimize your Internet connection is essentially a connection speed up browsing, chatting and downloading from the internet. Please try the tips and tricks to speed up our internet air. This is very useful when we use the internet connection which is too low in terms of a slow speed such as the Internet using GPRS access, dial up and so forth. These tips can also optimize the speed of our internet such as using access Indosat IM3, Mentari, Indosat IM2 speed internet connection that we use in GPRS networks, but also can be used in Telkom Speedy network and other Internet connections.

  1. First we slightly change the configuration Group Policy settings on our PCs. Login Menu Run>>> type: gpedit.msc>>> Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Network>>> QoS Packet Scheduler>>> Bandwidth Limit Resevable double click>>> settings set to enable and limit bandwidth content with 0% click Ok.
  2. Turn off the update feature on your computer by the way: Go Control Panel> Security Center>>> select Turn Off Automatic Updates
  3. Warnings Eliminate Auto Update by: Go Control Panel> Security Center>>> on the resource select change the way Security Center alerts me>>> Remove the Cawang on Automatic Updates. SP1 For Windows Version: Right-click My Computer>>> Select Auto Updates>>> Mark to Turn Off Automatic Updates. Turn off the menu updates on other pplications that you use.
  4. For browser software I suggest you use Mozilla Firefox Browser. Which in my experience the most rapid and appropriate use on a slow Internet connection. Mozilla FireFox Software this can be downloaded at be great if you are using Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 is best suited in the Internet network is slow.
  5. Optimize your FireFox Mozilla by adding the Plugins or Addons Faster Fox. Addon for Mozilla Firefox this can be downloaded at https: / / where this addon can only be used in Mozilla Firefox version 2.0. In order to improve the performance of this addon for Firefox and adapted to our internet network. Set Pluginsnya Tools menu by going to the mozilla>>> Select the add-ons>>> Select Fasterfox Options>> Select Turbo Charged>>> Ok
  6. Browsing using Mozila can we increase again by way of a proxy and we apply this to the Mozilla Firefox browser. How to change the proxy settings in Mozilla as follows: Open the Tools menu> Options> Advanced> Network>>> Conection Settings>> sign on the Manual Proxy Configuration>>> Http Proxy>> Proxy IP input one on the list Proxy below.
  7. Need To Download Software I suggest you use Internet Download Manager (IDM) please download the
  8. If necessary use a proxy on top of the IDM. Following steps: Run the IDM-click menu options>>> Proxy>>> Cawang Use Http Proxy>>> Enter one of Proxy and Proxy port on>> user name and password blank>>> Click OK.
  9. Just Traslate recommend using Software Yahoo Messenger version 7 or 8 because it is faster when used on slow network. Or it could use alternative yahelite Messenger.
  10. Proxy above can also be used in a way Yahoo Messenger Yahoo Messenger application to open the Connection menu click Preferences>>> Mark the Use Proxy>>> check mark enable Http Proxy>> Proxy input one above>> Apply and OK.

By running the 10 Steps to Optimizing over easy – I hope can help easey and speed up your internet air. Please try … Keep the spirit

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Tweaking Windows To Speed Up Computer

Tweaking Windows To Speed Up Computer

At this time the ESC-creation will discuss how to speed up computer performance that we have so that performance is better with a little tweaking and modifications to the Windows settings of our computer. This is very helpful to speed up computer performance that you might think we are still slow as if we’re still using a PC Pentium III or equivalent Pentium 4.

By applying the modifications, Optimiser, seeting tweaking the Registry in Windows then this will optimize the work of the computer to work faster than eve

Optimizing the following steps to accelerate the performance of Windows Computers:

A. Turn off some features Start Up.

This will speed up loading Windows at boot time or the first time we turn on the computer.

  1. Log in RUN menu>>> Enter msconfig>> OK>> Select the Start Up menu>> Remove the check mark in the Start-up all except Anti virus program
  2. Click Menu Service>> Remove the check mark on Automatic Updates
  3. After that>>> Aplly>>> Ok

This requires Restart Windows, then there is the Windows Message and select dont show this message again. Then proceed to the optimization of the Windows Registry below.

B. Optimization In Registry

Change the Windows Registry in the following sections.

  1. SIGN IN RUN>> Type REGEDIT>>>> OK
  3. Find MENU SHOW DELAY>> Doble click and change the value data to 10
  4. Look for Hung-UP TIME OUT>> Doble Click fox dataya value to 5
  5. MY COMPUTER>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>> SYSTEM> ControlSet001> Control>> WAIT TO KILL SERVICE>> Change to 500 Valuenya
  7. MY COMPUTER>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>> SYSTEM> CURRENT CONTROL Set> Control>> Sesion MANAGER>> MEMORY MANAGEMENT>> DISABLE paging executive>> Change the Value data to 1

C. Optimize Virtual Memory

  1. Entrance Control Panel>> System>> Advanced> Performance Settings>>> Select Custom>> Cawang on: “Use Drop Shadow For Icon labels on the desktop” and “Use visual styles on windows and buttons” and then aplly.
  2. n the Advanced menu>>> Virtual memory> Change>> Click on drive C: Windows>> Select Custom Size>> Change the Value in the initial size and maximum doble Size the previous value eg 256 to 512 foxes, 512 foxes 1000 ) or you can modify your own home is larger than the previous value, then click Ok.

Tweaking and modification of the above aims to optimize and speed up the process of working a program or software. And to prevent the warning / warning Virtual memory too low when running heavy programs like Adobe Photoshob yag, Corel Draw, Adobe Premiere, Pinacle and other heavy programs requiring a large virtual memory. And also this is to support Memory Ram that small that can still be used to run programs such weight.

When finished restart your computer then Performance Computer Performance and you will be much faster than before. Good luck.

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How to Submit a Site to Search Engine Google Yahoo and Bing

How to Submit a Site to Search Engine Google, Yahoo and Bing

As we know, usually every person who seeks information on the Internet by seeking that information by using the Facility Search engine / search engine by entering certain keywords into a search engine / search enggine like Google, Yahoo MSN (LIVE) Bing and several other Search Engine .

Of course, as the owner of the website (Site) or Blogger (Blog Owner) certainly want your site perched on the search list Search Engine. Websites and Blogs you can enter a list of these searches if your website or blog you’ve been on the Index data base search engine.

For that to a website or blog indexed faster by Google, Yahoo and MSN Search Engines we need to do step Search Engine Optimization or better known by the term SEO (Search Engine Optimision). Here are the steps you need to apply.

Conditions that must be met or possessed the website:

1. Having a sitemap or site map.

Sitemap or site map is a list of URLs on your website that you sign up to Google, Yahoo, MSN search engines.

Eg ESC-Creation site map-dot-com:

For websites that use CMS wordpress WordPress Plugins which use the Google sitemap generator to create a sitemap automatically.

2. Optimization of Your Website Information

Optimize your website information by adding a meta title meta, diskripsion, meta keywords, in the html of your website. If you are using WordPress CMS please use one of these wordpress SEO plugins the SEO All in One, Head Space, or Platinum SEO pack

Register your website on Google

  1. Register your website using google or gmail account at:
  2. Add Site or Add your website name
  3. Perform Verification by adding a meta tag code in the HTML code of your website or upload HTML files provided in your hosting root
  4. Add URL Site map or a map of your site.

Register your website on Yahoo

  1. Register your website / blog to yahoo using Yahoo ID in:
  2. Add the name of your website on my site menu.
  3. Perform steps Authentication by adding a meta tag code on your website or upload HTML code provided on your hosting root.
  4. Add Sitemap by including the URL of your sitemap in the menu feeds

How to register your Website on Bing MSN Live

  1. Register your website on the MSN search engine / Windows Live using your hotmail ID:
  2. Add your Website name eg
  3. Perform authentication by adding a meta tag code on your website or upload HTML files provided in your hosting root.
  4. Add your site map URLs

Wait a few days for the index. If you need to do Resubmit site map / feeds to your website a few days later.

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How To Speed ​​Up Loading WebSite

How To Speed ​​Up Website Loading

Speed ​​access to a website would also affect the number of visitors to a blog or website. Because of the visitor or visitors will be more comfortable when he visited the website quickly accessible. There are several factors that affect the speed of a website when accessed, and the following tips and tricks from the Just Translate for your website or blog sites that use CMS wordpres can be accessed more quickly.

1. Use the Plugins WP Super Cache.

Plugins are proven effective to accelerate access to a website. Since plugins WP-super-cache is basically a temporary convert to dynamic websites like this wordpress CMS into a static website, thus reducing the number of its query or calling a lot of data from the data base.

2. Use WordPress Plugins Script Compressor

With Script compressor installed plugins on wordpress cms cms it will summarize the script or java script installed on our website. The script java script can be adjusted so that loading can didelay java scritp to query the back and this could accelerate the access of visitors to the website and our blog.

3. Do not Use Image Overstated

Use a Picture or image of moderation, attach images / small-resolution images or small size this will reduce the amount of data accessible to users or visitors Blog and our Website.

4. Do not Use OverstatedFlash files or animations

You should not use Flash files or Animasitapi if still want to use you should use Flash files or animations that are small or smaller sizenya.

5. Use File Hosting Others To Save Data Files

Take advantage of Free File Hosting for storing uploaded files or images, flash, video or other files that we install or use on the blog and our website. By putting the file on another hosting will automatically reduce the burden of loading data on the server hosting that we use. You can use the file or image hosting free hosting such as,,,, and many more file free hosting which can be utilized.

6. Use Qualified Webhhosting

Use webhsoting qualified or has a good specification of data transfer and fast. One way to find out how fast the data transfer from a web hosting is the way the ping test to a Hosting. The way is by using the ping test tool ping tests are in:

The way the input domain names to test for example then click ping. Wait a few moments until the ping test data available. In the PRC The small value of the data contained in the ping test will be the better or the faster data transfer such webhosting.

Another way to test ping from our Computer aitu enter the menu: Run>> CMD>> typing ping (ping space domain name)>> enter.

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Check For Security Holes In Computer Programs With Secunia PSI

Check For Security Holes In Computer Programs With Secunia PSI

With so many software / program is installed on your computer, sometimes we are less concerned about the security of the software. Because we also may not know which program that allows a computer security hole.

One way to overcome this is to update the software that is used, but this may be inconvenient. How easy?

Secunia, which is one of the websites in the field of security, has provided free software to simplify the user check the security gaps that may occur from a variety of software or program is installed on your computer. And dated 25 November 2008 yesterday, after a long journey they released the final version of this software, the Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector).

What Secunia PSI Main features?

In General, Secunia PSI works examine various software (programs) is installed on the computer of a security gap, the latest version (update), what the program allows up security holes. Here’s more:

Scan, scan to programs on the computer

Insecure Program, the program provides a “less safe” and provide information: link download the latest program or solution, add / remove programs, online resources, details and so on.
End of Life, providing information on programs that no longer support by the vendor of the manufacturer. Accompanied by a link or download the latest version to uninstall.
Patched, provide program information to detect, but not known to have security updates (so may not require more attention)
Overview, provides information (general description) condition after the scan the computer.

In addition, Secunia also check the Web browser plugins such as Adobe Flash Player is Adobe Acrobat Reader, Quick TIme, and others.

At ZDNet, Secunia PSI included in the 10 Essential security tools, and ranks no.1 in the category of free software. So that’s worth a shot and in the collection. This application is only measured about 521 KB and can run on platforms Windows 2000, XP 32/64bit, and Vista 32/64bit. To be able to walk (scan) the need for internet connection. So if you used this software offline will not be much useful.

Where to Download this software?
Can be obtained through site. Download Secunia PSI

Crazy Wormnadup Block Various Anti Virus Site

Crazy Wormnadup Block Various Anti Virus Site

Actually, since a few days time to read / get information about the worm Downadup in several blogs about the security / virus / antivirus, but I let it go because it thought the news just ordinary worm. But in fact many who preach about this worm because the worm is quite “powerful” and sophisticated.

Based on estimates of F-Secure, one of the new variant of this worm was infecting almost 9 million computers in just 4 days. Amount not less for the recent worm appeared.

Original name of this worm is Worm: W32/Downadup.gen and has various aliases such as: W32/Conficker.worm.gen (Symantec), Mal / Conficker (Sophos), Worm: Win32/Conficker (Microsoft). It is also known by the name Conflicker and Kido (example name: Worm: W32/Downadup.gen! A, Net-Worm.Win32.Kido.ih). Worm Malware includes categories that run on windows 32-bit, so called W32.
The spread of the worm

The spread of this worm through various ways, such as the Network / network share or on a weak password, can also spread to create a autorun.inf file on the trigger to the USB copykan Flashdisk (drive) or other removable media. So should the windows autorun feature is turned off except to prevent the transmission of other viruses.

Worm takes advantage of Windows security hole to infect the victim, like the previous article What’s wrong with the Windows Security Update MS08-067. Worm will create a folder with a random name in the directory RECYCLER (which used the Recycle Bin to store files that have been deleted) also duplicates itself in various other places.
Downadup Worm Effect

And this might make me write this article, some visitors ebsoft write comments that they could not open the antivirus sites, and could be the cause is this worm.

This worm can change / add to the internal functions of windows (TCP) to block access to security sites (security / antivirus), with an address filtering character / specific text. And to eliminate these effects is not easy, because it’s practically level low level programming.

This worm designed to protect themselves from antivirus detection using specific techniques that are rarely used, to protect themselves from attempts to be deleted, turned off windows update, restore point prior to infection, lethal certain network traffic, optimize your Windows Vista features to simplify deployment, capable of injecting explorer . exe, svchost.exe and services.exe and others.

Sites on the block quite a lot, including the web using the following text (or block can always bring a Time Out message when opening the site):

  • Virus
  • Spyware
  • Malware
  • Rootkits
  • Defender
  • Microsoft
  • Symantec
  • Norton
  • McAfee
  • TrendMicro
  • Sophos
  • Panda
  • ETrust
  • F-secure
  • Kaspersky
  • F-prot
  • NOD32
  • ESET
  • Grisoft
  • Avast
  • Avira
  • Comodo
  • Clamav
  • Norman
  • PCTools
  • Rising
  • Sunbelt
  • Threatexpert
  • Wilderssecurity
  • Windowsupdate
  • Avp
  • Avg

In addition, sites other security.

For those not yet affected, so to avoid can download updates for Windows XP Microsoft Security Update MS08-067 (Patch for fixing the security holes). Whereas if the computer is infected, it can download remover tool, either from F-Secure or Bitdefender below.

Download Downadup Removal Tools

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